Don't Feel The cold, Feel the burn

Armour yourself against the cold with our new thermo body-mapping winter trail collection.

Sometimes one layer is all you need. Compressport’s body-science team has studied the biometric topography of male and female athletes' thermoregulatory needs when training in cold conditions to develop a new single-layer technical winter trail collection. Each gender-specific garment is precisely engineered to insulate areas sensitive to cold and ventilate areas prone to overheating. 

The top uses an alternating dual layer of Merino Wool and Polyamide fabric - in areas that cool quickly and require the most warmth, soft wool is placed on the inside against the skin, with the polyamide as the outer fabric. Whereas in areas less temperature sensitive, the fabric layering is reversed so you don’t overheat as you push the pace. The leggings use a gender-specific thermo body-mapping construction with a denser microfibre weave in sensitive areas engineered using the latest PROLEN®Yarn fabric.

PROLEN® fabric absorbs almost no moisture, providing a layer against the skin that stays ultra-dry, wicking away moisture and sweat lightning fast. Each pair also includes compression properties that support your quads and calves, as well as dampening vibrations and activating blood flow to oxygenate muscles faster and delay fatigue. Our team of scientists have unleashed their extensive expertise on each component of your body's temperature regulation; perspiration and circulation to develop the most precisely engineered, gender-specific, thermoregulating single-layer winter trail collection ever. Don’t feel the cold, feel the burn this winter. Armour yourself against the cold with our new thermo body-mapping winter trail collection, one layer that rules them all.

Ventilates where you’re hot. Insulates where you’re not.
  • Revolutionary thermoregulation technology
  • Gender-specific, thermo body-mapping construction
  • Cutting-edge moisture management technology
  • Made using Merino Wool, Polyamide & PROLEN®Yarn fabrics
  • PROLEN®Yarn helps you stay drier longer and dry faster
  • Dual layered Merino Wool insulation
  • Precisely positioned ventilation panels
  • Denser microfibre weave on temperature sensitive areas
  • Leggings include compression to enhance performance and delay fatigue
  • Wear less layers with our single-layer technical trail collection

Training Conditions

Dual layered with merino wool insulation on cold areas
Laser-cut perforations & precisely positioned ventilation panels on hot areas
¾ zip, high collar, full motion sleeve and thumbhole sleeves
Ultra dry PROLEN®Yarn Leggings with built in compression