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  • What to wear for winter training

    Cold temperatures can be unpleasant, and they can also impact your performance. Yet training through the winter can be a lot of fun! As long as you follow a few simple clothing rules.
  • Sneak Peek Fall Winter 2021

    We were born on the racecourse. We have followed our dreams and chased our passion. Across the planet, at the biggest and toughest endurance races this world has seen. Pushing boundaries is the fire that has driven us from day 1, and continues to do so to this day. Today, we are very excited to present you the new Fall-Winter collection.

    Paul Giblin has taken Ultra Endurance Running to a whole new level, after completing the End to End Trail - UK´s longest trail route in 29 days. Initially what he anticipated to be at around 1,961KM (1,215MILES), became significantly longer after some extra route navigation. Whatsmore, the route included over 52,000metres of vertical gain.
  • Ultra-Trail® du Mont Blanc - UTMB® 2021

    For our Compressport International Athletes, the event has been long awaited and has been placed at the forefront of our elite runners goals since the race was given the approval to proceed this year. Across the 4 major races, 13 of our top athletes were more motivated than ever and ready to give their best efforts.
  • Sneak Peek Limited Edition 2021

    In true Compressport style, we’re always looking ahead. New technologies, new materials, new shapes... The 2021 limited edition collection aims to help you reach and support your goals and ambitions wherever you race, whatever your sport.
  • Join the free belt running revolution

  • My Ironman® goal

    You're a first-timer? Or maybe just looking to improve your personal best? Compressport Athletes share their best tips so you can reach YOUR Ironman® goal!
  • World Care Day

    On Saturday 25 April 2020, COMPRESSPORT is organizing a CARE DAY to give support to the medical staff and to give you the chance to win Compressport prizes.
  • Transgrancanaria, a very strong field, an impressive Dylan Bowman

    The 3rd stop on the 2020 Ultra Trail World Tour Calendar, landed once again in Spain´s Canary Islands for the first European race. Always a hotly contested early season test, this year was no different. The 128km/7,500mD+ course was modified slightly to the previous years, due to the recent wildfires, however the conditions remained quite the same.
  • Race Video: UTMB® World Summit Of Trail Running

    The mother of all races during the week-long festival of Trail Running, the UTMB saw around 2300 people sharing the same dream, setting off from Chamonix on the last Friday evening of August.

    A race that provided a lot more than expected with unfortunate course markings never stopped our athletes from giving up the fight. Grégoire Curmer took a great win, Ludovic Pommeret finish equal 2nd while Dav Hauss was impressive with 6th place in his longest ever race!
  • Ironman World Championships Kona, USA, Kaisa Sali 6th

    On a day where conditions were unforgiving, the world's best triathletes were pushed beyond their limits. Lining up in the final race of her career, Kaisa Sali raced with all her heart to produce an amazing top 6 performance. Congratulations Kaisa!!
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